The study of numerology in the bible

Bible numerology deals with the study of numbers in the Bible. In the Bible, two numbers 7 and 40 have been used quite often. Number 7 is a sacred number and it is the number of God as it represents perfection or completion. God is divine and only he can be complete hence this number represents him. Besides, number 3 also represents the same. On the other hand, the number 40 signifies the “number of probation or trial”. There are a number of examples from the past which show the same.

Another number which holds a great importance in Bible is 4 which has also been repeated quite a number of times. This basically represents creation of something. Number 6 is believed to be the number of man as it is believed that man was created in 6 days.

All these numbers have become have become a subject of debate whether they actually hold true. These numbers have been used in certain patterns which point to certain fact. However, God does not tell us to search for meanings in Bible and it might be possible that these are simply numbers rather than any hidden meanings.


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