Meaning of Bible number 7

There are different numbers that hold their significance in the Holy Bible but not like bible number 7 which is repeated almost 287 times in the book, from seven days of the Genesis to Seven Seals of the Revelation. In the scripture, the number 7 stands for perfection or wholeness and has got much significance as God himself introduced this number to mark the completion of His work of Creation.

There are a number of evidences in the Scripture that symbolizes the importance of the digit. On the day seven, God finished his creation work and rested from his fellow labors. Seven devils evacuated Mary of Magdala that signifies the totality of her preceding ownership by Satan. Pharaoh saw seven cattle in his dream which were coming from Nile. It is mentioned in the book that “seven other devils” will haunt the purified but free life of a person which is however taken as positive as there were seven spirits of the Almighty. Seventy meaning sevens in Hebrew, fortifies the notion of perfection. And so on.

In the light of above mentioned instances from the Holy Bible and several others, we conclude that bible number 7 is considered to be the fourth self-governing symbol that declares the fullness and perfection of the complete Bible in the “sevenfold symmetry of the Canon Wheel”. God himself associated the 7 number with the holiness stating that he consecrated the seventh day and sanctified it. There are many other numbers that have signification in the Holy Scripture and helps in inculcating the clear picture abut Bible and its sayings. You will also find that the number seven is used in compounds, that is, there are different numbers in the Bible that are the whole multiples of the bible number 7.


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